Compassion fatigue…

Is a real thing.

Recently, I sat with a great dude doing great work. He’s a world class giver, you know. Oozes out of him. When he walked into practice, however, I saw strain beneath his eyes and little giddy up in his step. I asked him what’s up and he unloaded on me. He had to get it out. I was happy to let him. After what seemed like an hour but was really about five minutes, he blurted out his summary sentence. “I don’t really need gratitude, I just can’t take the attitude.”

Translation. He feels the team is all take, no give.

So, we talked through this mess for ninety minutes. Of course, by minute seventy five or so, he realized this mess is his. He’s owned way too much tension and passed little to its rightful owner. He’s a giver. He’s responsible. He’s a lover. And, he’s depleted.

Compassion fatigue. It afflicts the best amongst us, friend. It’s a real thing. Life is an energy management problem. It’s yours to solve. My client gave himself some good PA and smiled as he accepted truth and decided his best way forward. We ended with smiles. We walked out of practice energized, both of us. Filled.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Truth. And, you cannot give what you do not possess. You are not an infinite filling station. You cannot keep filling others tanks if you never allow God and others to fill yours. Are you a giver and running on empty? Are you in need of a fill up? Slow down. Reflect. Look up. Look to your few. You do not need to go it a lone.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Compassion fatigue…

  1. Exceptional wisdom! Without taking in, we can’t endlessly give out. Such an awesome post and much appreciated reflection!

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