Today we did a rip/ride with Littlest Poquito. He’s one of my few. I will cry like a baby if he dies before me. He believed in BTL before I knew what I was doing. I helped him dig out of a big hole back in 2009. He will never forget.

He came after me on his bike when my brakes went out going down Mount Cenis in France. He risked life and limb trying to save me. I will never forget. We’ve been through tough shit together and shared many a lunch at Northstar celebrating little wins and big victories. He’s 65. Damn. His body has been through hell. Next week will be his 5th major surgery – this year! This time it’s prostrate F%&@ing cancer. He’s having nightmares and so am I, truth be told. I have frequent nightmares about my few. You?

I love my family and my few. When they hurt, I cannot help but hurt with them. When they win, I cannot help but celebrate with them. This is what friends do. You?

Live hard. Love harder. Love you, Littlest Poquito. You are one of my few…

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