Personal philosophy…

Lots of chatter it seems about our personal philosophy. So much so, it’s become a fairly regular interview question. How would you answer it? If you’re BBTL, the answer likely would connect the questioner to your CORE & OPUS – who you are, why you’re here, and where you’re going.

This would be good.

What would be great, you ask? Connect them to your PoP – your playbook of productive action. You see, friend, your PoP is what you’re doing. The best way to answer anyone questioning your philosophy?

Watch me.

Slow down. Reflect. Write. Who will I see as I watch you day in and day out? You can do more than you think. Do more. Good…

1 thought on “Personal philosophy…

  1. Freaking love this.
    What almost sounds like a challenge at first is really just conviction.

    Watch me live a life thriving outside the norm.
    Watch me surrender and gain freedom and abundance.
    Watch me invite others to join.

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