At the end of BTL Grapplers practice, one of the stud leaders shared about his tough twenty minute go. He got his ASS kicked. He wrestled up two weight classes against another stud on the team. It was not pretty. It was not close. Here’s what he said. Do not miss this perspective.

He shared he is going to do this more often.

He’s rethinking his training and believes going against the best, even two weight classes up, will make him better. He felt like he won today. His opponent won and, he too, was wasted at the end of the training. The tank was empty. It. Was. Not. Easy. They are both trusting the process instead of resulting themselves to death.

What about you friend? How do you determine a good day’s work? The elite empty the tank. Normal humans let emotions fatigue ‘em before heart., lungs, and legs do. You?

Live hard. Love harder. Rethink effort. It counts twice, remember…

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