Power and status…

Recently in practice 318, I reminded a team of the “why” behind speaking and listening, BTL style. Here it is. Don’t miss this. Speaking and listening, BTL style, will transform whatever team you’re on. Truth.

Normal teams talk in a very predictable fashion. Those with power and status dominate the airwaves. Newbies, introverts, and those outside the leaders circle of influence, say very little. They stay in their lane, keep their head down, and do their job. They wait their turn to be heard. When is that, typically? When they’ve risen in position and achieved status in the system. Fact.

BTL teams want to hear from everyone. BTL leaders believe nobody is as smart as everybody. So, they talk differently. Power and status still matter, just not as much. Everyone is given the equal opportunity to be heard. Being heard doesn’t mean being understood. Being heard doesn’t mean what you say will be acted upon. Being heard doesn’t mean being accepted. Being heard simply means you are given the chance to say something of substance while the team looks you in the eye and listens. You’re valued.

Practice 318 featured a newbie, on her very first freakin’ day of employment, speaking some serious truth about her reflection from Day 264 in BBTL. She shared it’s not enough to be in a system with a visionary leader. What matters, she said, is that you have a vision of your own and it aligns enough to energize both you and your teammates. She gets it. She was heard, accepted, and understood. She even dropped her own colorful language without fear of playing it safe. She’s not been granted power and status. She does, however, have a voice. Today, her first day, she was heard. My bet?

Power and status? Here she comes.

Slow down and reflect. What do you think? How does your team speak and listen? Is everyone given equal opportunity to be heard? Does everyone play ball?

Live hard. Love harder…

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