John 8:32 – And, someday you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. This is my favorite verse in The Bible.

Richard Rohr translation – Someday the truth will set you free, in the meantime it just might make you miserable.


This has been a hard/beautiful week of truth. I have spoken it. I have heard it. It has hurt. My belief is it has not harmed. During practice this week, one of our favorite teams read John Rue’s Builder’s Journey and then read Day 265 in BBTL. It hurt and helped. Another team re-read Day 6. It too hurt and helped. I listened intently to a number of hurting humans. Healing. I was truer with a few. Hurt me. Hurt them.


When hard conversations from those who you believe want the best for you injure your heart, friend, remember this truth. You’re not hearing what they’re saying. You’re hearing the story playing in your head about why they’re saying it. Stop the familiar script. Replace it with this one.

Hear the yearning.

Live hard. Love harder. I’m dedicated to John 8:32. God, help me be truer…

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