Mental toughness…

It’s easier to give long explanations than it is to distill wisdom to a few words. Long speeches are easier than ones requiring less than two minutes. Gettysburg address was less than two. The dude before Lincoln spoke for two hours. Remember his name?

So, there are many lengthy and worthy definitions of mental toughness. My favorite one, however, is some ccd magic. It comes from Doc Potterot (Former Navy SEAL psychologist). According to him mental toughness is described in a sentence. Here it is. Do not miss this. This could be huge.

Mental toughness?

Ones ability to manage the human stress response. Damn.

How well are you managing your response to today’s stressors? Slow down. Feel. Think. Reflect. You cannot control the volume of stressors. You can control your response. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

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