Unite or untie, friend.

Problems, especially relational ones, do not get better with age. Problems, like an open bottle of wine, don’t age well – they get worse. Unite or untie. Choosing to remain loosely coupled is a choice, it’s just rarely a good one. Unite is centered by “it” – intentional transformation. Untie is centered with “ti” – terminate intentionally.

Leaders must be in the middle of both. Leaders intentionally transform with a few and intentionally terminate the toxic and ones unable to meet performance bars. Leaders cannot be all one with everyone, remember. Leaders, if they’re gonna build something special, something elite, something united, are gonna have to untie from others along the way. Sometimes leaders have to untie from the very people that brought them to the dance.

Masters in the art of living understand it takes intention and discipline to live united. They understand that even Jesus reduced the focus of his opus. He went from feeding the 5000 to 1000 and then 72, 12, 3, and some would argue all the way down to one. He chose to spread his message through a few committed followers. His aim, remember, was to unite us all. Slow down. Reflect. Unite. Untie. Intentionally.

Live hard. Love harder. Live united…

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