As we wrapped up practice 55, I couldn’t help but put Kat on the spot. She had shared earlier she almost didn’t take her senior season. Pitt had been the pits. Transferring to OSU felt like a risk worth taking but she was filled with anxiety as the season approached. So, yesterday, as we face the final week of the season I asked her to tell the team what’s the difference in the two locker rooms. I gave her the chance to pass. She got emotional and went there, anyway.

Pitt was cutthroat, she began. Everyone for themselves. No love. Lots of competition and little collaboration. She hated the game. Wanted to quit. Went through the motions, you know. Coming to OSU was a rebirth. She loves her fellow keeps. Loves them. She roots for them, not against. She loves this team and feels the love coming back at her. The room grew quiet the more she spoke truth in love. My head dropped as I realized the special chemistry The Wizard has constructed. Kat is one special lady. She loves this work and loves this team. OSU WSOC has a chance to be BIG 10 champs. To me? They already are.

What kinda team are you building, friend? Chemistry is unmistakable when you see it. Chemistry is freakin’ magic and oh, so rare. OSU WSOC has it. Oozes out of the locker room. What, friend, oozes out of yours?

Live hard. Love harder…

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