Need for…

Most of my clients suffer from a need for speed. They cannot sit still. Addicted to movement. The idea of going quietly to their room (Thanks, Pascal), scares them more than any fomo. They are chronic doers due to one primary disease – getthereitis. I too suffer here.

Humanities two deepest needs? Become and belong. These take time alone slowing down and reflecting. How does one do less and become more in the process? Good question.

Sunday writing is a great start. Use a day in BBTL as a thought starter. Rewind the week that was. Align your PoP with CORE & OPUS. Close integrity gaps. Ask God for help. Be quiet and listen for His voice. Pray, mostly by listening. Life is not a race. Life is the infinite game. Your soul doesn’t cease when your body does. So, friend, slow down. You just might find yourself speeding up in discovering who you are, why you’re here, whose you are, where you belong, and where you’re going. You and I must go it a lone on the journey of becoming all ONE. Make sense? Slow down and reflect. Be more by doing less. Sit. Walk. Stand. Thanks, Watchman Née.

You and I have a deep need for still. God, help me be still in a world filled with speed. God, help me become and belong. God, help me!

Live hard. Love harder. Be still and know…

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