Give and take…

One of my dear friends wrote recently to me. His letter represents the power of giving the gift of belief. Seared my sorriness. Lifted my spirit. Give and take care. Give more…

“Dearest Chester,

So much to say – but not now – later.

Your writing on the 22nd (Look up) – damn. Brother, i can’t remember when i started reading your writing. It has been a long time now. i truly remember a long period of time where i was certain you were writing just for me. And now? i am sure that you do……i know you ‘write’ for yourself – but damn Brother – it is always ‘right’ for me.

i also want you to know that i will never, ever be able to repay you and your Band for any of it. i could try for the rest of my life. i could write checks until I was homeless.

Do you know what this journey with you and your Band has meant to me? Do you know? No. But i will tell you – – – changed the direction of my life – forever. And the direction is the best one that i can imagine. All of you have helped me look UP – not behind – not into the future – but straight UP.

i am still all of the things I was before, but oh so much more.

Thank you for being a real man. A true one. A follower of Jesus. One who loves – tough and tender – but loves all the time. You have taught me that love is NOT easy. Some times love is painful. Day 6, my friend.”

This cost my friend next to nothing. Took his time. He gave it willingly to me. Meant the world to my sorriness. What friend of yours could use the gift of your belief? Give and take care. Give more.

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Give and take…

  1. Beautiful. Thanks, Toto, for passing this along. Isn’t this just what love cats do? They give. To become transformed our part is to learn to receive…this is where the take comes in — it takes humility. Not easy, but that’s what it takes to experience the one ‘L of a difference.

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