As I finished a reread of the book Endure, I’m realizing all the new science around human performance comes back to the need for the dreaded “d” word. You see, friend, we’ve become enamored with data. Throughout the book you see more measurement from the basics of VO2 max, heart rate variability, and lactate to the more intricate measurement of Wats, power to weight ratios, and all kinda weird brain imaging tools to show the athlete what the brains trying to signal to the quad, calve, or some other fatiguing muscle group. Hutchinson shows all sorts of new data to chew on toward our aim of doing more.

All the data in the world won’t improve your performance just by looking at it. The real “d” word, friend, is decidre. Decidre means literally “to cut off.” The best athletes, no different than the best leaders, are enamored with decisions. They understand the speed of deciding what to do with or without mountains of data is the difference between good and great.

Remember, when studying history, it’s obvious we learn the most by doing.

You won’t always make the best decision but, through good, old fashioned course correction, you’ll eventually discover the best way ‘round. Stop waiting for more data. Be more like Karin, 17 year Israeli National Womens Soccer athlete and former OSU star. She challenged todays WSOC team to decide before each training, each game, to go full gas. She challenged them to decide now how they’re gonna react when the next opponent punches them in the mouth. She and I had a great hour together talking leadership and the power of simply deciding. She decided to be great a long time ago. You?

Be like Karin, friend. Preload. Be more decisive…

1 thought on “Decidre…

  1. Love this entry, Chet! And from my humble perspective, our purpose/OPUS trumps data. Yes, data is of value, however our LOVE drives us. The Wizard models this so well. I’m inspired by her. And I am so grateful to see how you have built into and are building into these leaders who will carry it forward for the next generation. No small feat.

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