You will be misunderstood by many. You will be overlooked for the obvious promotion. You will be injured – next to none will notice. You will have your best laid plans go awry. You will lose games you should have easily won. You will lose loved ones way to early. You will taste betrayal and betray with the best of intentions.

You will lose your mind before your body. You will lose your body but know damn well you’re of right mind. You will do what seems so right and have it turn oh so wrong. You will realize, someday soon, you are not in control. Never have been. Never will be. You did not choose your arrival. You won’t choose your departure. You choose to celebrate the chaos or you choose to damn it and yourself in the process. You choose. Your choices have consequences.

Celebrate the dash, friend. Celebrate the gift of life. Make the most of the present. Celebrate not knowing. Celebrate the choice to count it all joy. God, help me see clearly beyond the limits of my puny perspective. God, help me see you in it all. God, help me celebrate it all. Good.

Live hard. Love harder. Celebrate…

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