The mess…

What’s the best way to increase your circle of influence? Stop trying to. Huh? Stop trying to control circumstances and other people. Does. Not. Work. What does?

Focus on your CORE. Control you. Choose this suffering. Chosen suffering is a great tool for growth as long as you choose wisely. Choose the suffering that comes when looking in the mirror, not out the window. Damn.

The stronger your CORE the more influence you have over yourself. Mass attracts mass. Translation. The stronger you become, the more strong dudes are attracted to you. Fact. The world wants you to focus out there. The world doesn’t care about your mental health. Never has. Never will. Stop trying to change the damn world. Change the world in you. That, my friend, is real, hard, work. God, help me focus on fixing the mess that is me. God, help me focus on the right mess – the mess known as me.

Live hard. Love harder…

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