Food for the athletes mind…

One of my OSU coaches recently asked for a reading list to feed her athletes minds. Here’s what I sent her. Might be some food for thought for you and your teams too…

  1. BBTL pre arrival read. Day at a time. Will seed the next reads.
  2. Man’s Search for Meaning, Frankl
  3. Mindset, Dweck
  4. Mastery, Leonard
  5. The Obstacle is the Way, Holiday
  6. Grit, Duckworth
  7. Peak, Ericsson
  8. Talent is overrated, Colvin
  9. The Champions Mind, Afremow
  10. A Failure of Nerve, Friedman
  11. Flow, Csikszetmihalyi
  12. The Warrior Ethos, Pressfield
  13. Legacy, Kerr
  14. Obedience to Authority, Milgram
  15. 12 Rules for Life, Peterson
  16. Road Less Traveled, Peck
  17. Endure, Hutchinson
  18. Founding Mothers, Roberts
  19. Lost in Transition, Smith
  20. Change your Questions Change your life, Adams
  21. The Power of Now, Tolle
  22. The Hard thing about Hard Things, Horowitz
  23. Can’t hurt Me, Goggins
  24. Season of Life, Marx
  25. The Universe Next Door, Sire
  26. The Question of God, Nicholi
  27. Left to tell, Ilibigiza
  28. Up from Slaver, Washington
  29. How to Speak and How to Listen, Adler
  30. Now, Discover your Strengths, Buckinghams
  31. Learned Optimism, Seligman
  32. Influence, Caldini
  33. Emotions Revealed, Ekman
  34. How to think like Leonardo DaVinci, Gelb
  35. The Tipping Point, Gladwell
  36. Captivating, Eldredge
  37. Unbeatable Mind, Divine
  38. The Relationship Cure, Gottman
  39. Extreme Ownership, Jacko
  40. The Culture Code, Coyle
  41. Biography/Autobiography of someone you admire/want to learn from
  42. History. Greek. Jewish. America. My big three
  43. Reread above.

What you reading, friend? What are some of your favorite books feeding your heart, mind, and very soul? Slow down. Reflect. Read. Write. Rinse and repeat.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Food for the athletes mind…

  1. Great list…I’ve only hit a dozen or so of these. I’ve got some work to do. Would love to follow you on Goodreads if you use it.

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