I’ve started a new discipline. 27 days in. I’m beginning each morning reading, reflecting, and praying a Psalm. For centuries, praying the Psalms has been the way we learn to pray and live. Rereading Eugene Peterson’s book titled A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, has reminded me my soul is thirstier than ever for a consistent drink of scripture, instead of scrolling, to start my day.

So, today, as the previous 26, I read one Psalm. And, I glanced back and reread another. Psalm 23 has gotten under my skin. It’s most familiar and mostly forgotten, at least by me. You and I need reminders. I hope this short rant serves as a pleasant reminder. I hope you have a blessed day and weekend. I hope you find rest from your race. I hope you recharge and reconnect with relationships that matter most. I’m heading to KC to connect with Krit today. Tomorrow, Salina – Church and connection with Marie (97 year young mom). Blessed. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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