Less soft…

You and I are seriously soft. We live better than Kings and Queens of a few hundred years back. We are warm in winter and cool on hot summer nights. We enjoy comfort and convenience unimaginable by most. We are coddled and can’t take criticism. We medicate instead of muscle the f up. We celebrate celebrity and celebrities celebrate our likes even though neither of us know why.

Today, do something hard. Today, look in the mirror and build strength within. Today, commit to building your character. Buck the F up. Build strength within by showing your underbelly instead of your instagram enhanced images. Today, be a bit more real and raw. Admit you’re soft. Commit to becoming less soft. This, friend, would be a good start.

Slow down. Reflect. Write. Do. A. Hard. Thing. Not a physical hard thing if that comes easy. Not an intellectual hard thing if that comes easy. Step into something relationally hard. Step into something spiritually hard. Be good. Do good. Be with. Love you, jimmyTHEgant.

Live hard. Love harder…

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