It’s been a hard year for me. Hard and good. I’ve grown as a man, builder, husband, and father. I’ve never felt more stretched. I’ve never suffered more alongside good men and women trying to be good and do good. I will never forget the lessons learned this year. I wish to never repeat most.

I might.

You see, I’m not in control. I want control. I freakin’ want to control circumstances and people, you know. But the fact is I’m not in control. I, like you, am just another human being trying to figure out how to live my purpose with passion and not burn myself and others in the process. I too can do good and be oh so wrong. I am building a strong CORE and living my best OPUS. I’m still a broken man living and working with broken people. We, friends, when we’re at our best are still a mess. The best amongst us keep getting up, keep seeking forgiveness, keep working, keep loving, and keep it all in perspective. Day 6. Life is hard…

I live hard. God, help me love ❤️ harder. Damn…

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