Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.

This is why we’re here. This is the BTL purpose statement. Our why. My why.

The BTL band is eleven strong individuals. All have crystal clear whys for being in the band and becoming masters of our craft. Everyone has their interpretation of each of these words. We align even when we don’t agree. We fight to improve performance, not prove a point. I started this experiment. I lead it. It’s a coalition, however, not a pyramid. We are a team of leaders. I want and promote dissent as long as the aim is to build it better. I’m not easily swayed…

Our purpose is not on any corporate wall. Our purpose is not about words at all. Our purpose is to ACT in accordance with our why. Our purpose is buried deep within each of us. Our purpose, laced with passion, is the reason we appear so damn disciplined and diligent in our process of one on one and team practice. Our purpose is why we say no to all kinds of good work so we can yes to the best.

Imagine if your team oozed purpose from their pores. Imagine an off season lift sesh with purpose filled players. It would feel like the same intensity of playing your version of TTUN, right? Imagine if your front line workers oozed passionate purpose for serving your clients. Imagine if I walked into your senior exec practice and saw so many on purpose peeps that I couldn’t tell who was CEO, VP, Director, or doer. Imagine your cagey veterans were so purpose filled they couldn’t wait to mentor your young. Imagine your top performers demanding more for others – less for themselves. Imagine a team that doesn’t care who gets the credit.

Imagine a team that didn’t preach abundance but practiced it instead. Imagine a team where every teammate left something good to chase something great. Imagine a team where you played together because you wanted to. Imagine a team where mastery and meaning made you really rich. Imagine a team where everyone gave more than they took. Can you imagine how much fun and joy would emanate from such a team?

I can.

You see, this is the power of purpose. It changes everything but only if it’s crystal clear in your CORE and OPUS. Your purpose(s) is your why. She who embodies purpose both individually and collectively? She. Changes. The. World. How clear are your purposes, friend? Does your teams purpose ooze out of your best and attract better? Slow down. Reflect.

Live hard. Love harder. With purpose, please…

4 thoughts on “Purpose…

  1. Carpe frickin diem, baby. That’s my AND. I’m awake to my purpose, to who I want to be and become. Now I want to seize the moment, the day, the life, in alignment with my core and opus. AND I want to challenge and activate others to do the same with me. The band, my clients, my loved ones…the few. LFG.

  2. Especially for clients more familiar with me in building their CORE, notice an important nuance here.

    Toto writes about your purposes (plural). That might sound a little confusing for those of you who’ve seen a graphic from me where the word “Purpose” (singular) is in a circle — a circle with arrows pointing out representing the various roles you currently serve in your work & life.

    The confusion is reconciled when you think of living out your Purpose to serve others, where it’s nuanced to the particular role it’s serving.

    My Purpose is to help others relate to why they are here, who they are, and how to work and live using their distinct gifts, passions and strengths with clarity, depth, comprehensiveness, significance and alignment.

    The nuances just look a little different in the role of husband, father, friend, builder of clients, fellow builder in the BTL band, spiritual mentor, community leader, advisor of boards, etc.

    You may change hats, but always on purpose.

  3. My purpose is to Awaken ‘dead people’ to discover and step into their OPUS for work and for life as they build their strong Core. It drives everything I do (Compass and Map) out of Love. And, out of the significant loss which illuminated the essential of stewarding my limited time on earth to the utmost. Thank you, LA. My one ‘L’ of a difference. I love the ACT part of our BTL purpose statement…Awaken, Challenge, and Transform…i.e., it requires Action. It is not just another BS leadership notebook that lives on your bookshelf, content to be forgotten. No, BTL and our OPUS is a lifestyle. Thank you, Jesus, for modeling the way.

  4. the power of purpose – let me NEVER forget, and live mine in love.
    My purpose is to surrender to the freedom and abundance of a life thriving on the narrow road, and give invitation to the experience.

    I can only hope that in some way I will change a small corner of this world, and that is enough.

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