Today, during practice with one of my apprentices, I took her back to a movie note to sear her learning. We listened to a piece she’s listened to before. Perfect.

Masters, you see, re read. Re watch. Re solve. Re develop. Re learn. Re engineer. Re do. Re use. Repetition is required for mastery to build. It cannot be mindless reps, however. The reps have to have purpose, passion, and pain. Damn.

Masters Love the repeat. Love the rinse. Love the process. This is how masters remember. Remember, nearly all learning is remembering. Remember. Find it. Keep it. How? Love it. Love it more. Love the work. Love the team. Love harder, apprentice. Love harder, leader. Love harder, husband/wife. Love harder, dad. Love harder, son. Love harder mom. Love harder, daughter. Love harder, friend. Love harder, my brother. Love harder, if your aim is mastery. Love ever harder, master. Make sense?

Live hard. Love harder…

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