Practice last night was a mind blower. Clarity arrived after a purpose filled day of BTL team practice. It was another OSU day and I loved it. Ended, however, with another client practice from the world of commerce. One of my clients is facing a leadership challenge I’ve seen all too often. He’s got a great manager who is a lousy leader. Managers, you see, move things along. Good.

Leaders move people along. Freakin’ magic, baby!

You cannot scale with great managers. Great leaders move people along. Are you building a team of leaders who make other people do what they can and love, in fact, doing it? Or are you leading a team with managers who view everything and everyone as an item on their checklist? Managers value efficiency. Leaders value people, first. Putting first things first does not make managing projects or process less, it actually makes them more (Thanks, C.S. Lewis). What, friend, are you valuing most?

Live hard. Love harder. Build leaders…

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