A Queens wish…

“All my possessions for one moment of time.” Queen Elizabeth 1603

These are said to be Queen Elizabeth’s last words. She brought England back from the brink, ruled well, and could not change her built in expiration date. What makes you think you can, friend?

You can do more than you think. You can be more than you believe. You can love more than you know. You can fear less without being fearless. You can forgive more without being a doormat. You can be good and do good. You are not your possessions. You are not an apology. You are the most beautiful system in the world. Make the most of the gift. Are you?

Live well. Time is undefeated. God knows you. Do you? Slow down. Reflect. Write. Think about it. What, friend, you gonna do about it?

Live hard. Love harder. Wish less. Want more…

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