Hard truth…

Some people are drawn to truth. Most people run from it.

When you are truer, leader, you will polarize teammates. This will cause you pain. Fact. When you demand excellence, you polarize. When you no longer tolerate abusive teammates, you polarize. When you take on bullies, you polarize. When you bench high character teammates, you polarize. When you exit high performers with low character, you polarize. When you give second and third chances, you polarize. When you stop after three, you polarize. Lead anything well and you will polarize. You will experience resistance, oftentimes from the very people you are trying to help. Damn. Friedman was right, all systems sabotage from within. Truth.

If everybody loves you, you are NOT a leader – you’re a cheerleader. There are many moments when I wish I could be a cheerleader, offer soft soap and wishful thinking instead of hard truth. I am not always liked. I am an acquired taste. I am only for a few. I’m becoming BTL and I wish it were easier.

Leaders polarize. Leaders take stands. There are always some who don’t understand or agree. Leaders, lead anyway. Are you aiming at being truer or more well liked? As C.S. Lewis said – “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you will get neither.” Truth. What’s your aim, leader?

Live hard. Love harder. Simple, not easy. Truth…

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