We tend to think that there can’t be much worse than a slow, painful death. There is. And, none of us gets out of here without experiencing it, especially if we bear the burden of leading anything and anyone.

We will experience betrayal. It will cut us to the bone.

And we will all betray. For the best amongst us, it will cut our own heart out to injure another. We will feel deep regret and remorse. Will you forgive me, will flow from our lips. The tone, body language will mean more than the words. We will be contrite. Broken. We will go to great lengths to make it right.

JimmyTHEgant, recently sent me a book The Seed and the Sower, that ripped my heart out as it described a broken man’s attempt to make things right with little brother. To his men, this dude looked like he had it all together. He. Did. Not. He was broken, not by a betrayer but by his betrayal of his weaker little bro in his MOT. He may have looked like THE man. He was another HUman. Broken.

So, friend, focus a bit more on what you’ve done and a bit less on what’s been done to you. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve felt the pin prick of a wound like you’ve been cut to the bone and not noticed the hearts you’ve left in your powerful wake. God, help me accept your forgiveness. God, help me face those I’ve betrayed and make it right. God, help me tune into others pain as I tune into my own. God, help me.

Live hard. LOVE harder…

1 thought on “Betrayal…

  1. “For was not that how great things began in the tiny seed of the small change in the troubled individual heart?” pg 43 The Seed and The Sower



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