One of my favorite tees has two words on the front – Faith and Fear. Fear is crossed out.

You and I need more faith than fear if we’re going to do anything uncommon. Fear dominates the common man/woman. Faith is the elixir of the uncommon among the uncommon. Fear comes in a million different ways. Faith comes from within. Others can believe in us, but it’s up to you and me to internalize it and claim it as our own. Faith over fear, please.

Here’s a glimpse into Bono’s (U2 Lead) faith. “It’s always the same attitude that wins the day: faith over fear. Know your subject, know your opponent . Don’t have an argument you can’t win. On the Africa stuff we can’t lose, because we’re putting our shoulder to the door God Almighty has already opened. We carry with us – this something that’s important – the moral weight of an argument.”

You have to believe before your team does. You have to believe, Coach, before your athletes do. You have to believe, Dad, before your daughter does.

Faith over fear.

Fear is coming fast and furious. Most leaders walk around on pins and needles, coddling and cajoling in equal parts – afraid to go all in on anything. Don’t be another common leader filled with more fear than faith. Reverse the modern, mediocre, and mindless means of managing people and projects. Flip the script to faith over fear. God designed you to become uncommonly good while doing uncommonly good work. The uncommon woman appears fearless. She is not. She simply has more faith than fear. So, leader, what’s oozing out of you right now?

Live hard. Love harder…

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