1.9.90, a bit before 5 bells, Krit came crashing into our world. Has. Never. Been. The. Same. Since.

Today she’s celebrating her 33rd with Josh, Penny, Jordan, Miss, and me. It’s been some freakin’ magic because, well, she is the most energy positive person in my circle. Krit is her dad’s only daughter. She has always been – she always will be. Miss orchestrated a focused celebration for her today. It will continue into tonight, tomorrow, and until she departs on Thursday. Miss doesn’t celebrate a birthday. She celebrates birthdays, weeks, and maybe longer.

I’m filled to overflowing. Family is here. Not all, but more than a few. We’re at our favorite place away from home, at least it’s become mine. We’re going slow. Staying up late (very strange for me) and sleeping in even later (stranger). Krit is going to be embarrassed a few more times by me today. It’s part of my love language, you know. God, thanks for the gift packaged up as Krit. Happy birthday, Krit. God bless you…

Live hard. Love ❤️ harder…

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