I am Gugga

I have a new rinse as of 2023 re: the Identity dimension of my Core…I am Gugga.

For context, in my family tradition, carried over several generations, the eldest grandchild names the grandma. To whit, my great-grandmother was Gambi, my beloved grandmother was Gogi, my mom (as named by my first child) was Weah, whose given name was Anita, hence the toddler transliteration). 

I am not a ‘Glamma’ and never wanted to be one. I have happily chosen to carry on my family’s tradition of empowering my eldest grandchild to name me. For all future generations. 

Sweet Jack did so over Christmas break. My kiddos called me ‘Grandma’ with him for the first 15 months of his life…and he has now anointed me ‘Gugga’. I love it. And I embrace it. 

I am Gugga. And I will be so for all my future grandbabies, and, Lord willing, my future great grandbabies. It’s not a pretty grandma name. Who cares? It fits. It’s me. And, like my beloved, fierce Gogi, there is strength therein that name one does not mess with when it comes to my cubs. 

Thank you, Jack, for naming me. There is precious love and power in naming another. Thank you, Lord, for this gift of my additional role this side of heaven. Please help me to be the best Gugga for my beloveds. 

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