Last Dance…

One of my dearest friends and clients recently finalized the sale of his 25 year old business. He’s been a client for twelve plus years. We’ve been through so many highs and lows. Record revenues and record growth. Buying out his partner and building into a new one. Divorce. Remarriage. Kids. You name it, we’ve processed our way through it. Always together. Been amazing. So, on September 21, 2022 as we closed down practice, I looked on the schedule and realized this is it. This is our last practice.

Last dance?

Nope, not even close. Just the last dance on this expression. He and I practiced every Wednesday afternoon forever. Now, he’s coming to my OSU Tuesday practices whenever he wants. He’s shadowing me and we’re seeing where it goes. He love BTL. We love him. He no longer owns his company. His Choice. He still belongs with me. He’s one of my few and I am one of his. Damn. When we began the building process he wore suits and many masks. He now wears a Yamaka. No masks. He’s still a work in process. Me too. Together we transform. Always together.

Live hard. ❤️ harder…

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