When you think of masculinity, friend, what comes to mind? For most, it’s an image of the macho, macho man. The rugged individual, you know. Lone wolf archetype. Stud.

I work with a number of tough dudes chasing excellence. Here’s a more accurate definition of the kinda masculinity they’re embracing.

“Masculinity, first and foremost, ought to be defined in terms of relationships, it ought to be taught in terms of capacity to love and be loved. If you look over your life at the end of it, life wouldn’t be measured in terms of success based on what you’ve acquired or achieved or what you own. The only thing that’s going to matter is the relationships you had. It’s going to come down to this: What kind of father were you? What kind of husband were you? What kind of coach or teammate were you? What kind of friend were you?”

Taken from Season of Life, by Jeffrey Marx

What kind of man you becoming, friend? The Marlboro man is myth. A lone sucks. All one is the one you want. One “L” of a difference. Are you man enough to risk being known by your few? Slow down. Reflect. Write. Where do real relationships fit into your OPUS? Cultivating the few takes courage, vulnerability, and time. You too busy, badASS?

Live hard. Love harder…

3 thoughts on “Masculinity…

  1. Interesting article. I think masculinity can have quite negative connotations when it comes to loving and being sensitive to others feelings. I see it almost as being able to empathise, but also make decisions and guide others for their benefit, through things which arn’t always easy. Perhaps this could be termed “being a dad”. But what I am really talking about is being a role model of strength and solidarity, especially in the face of adversity. But I think you are right that the impact we have on others emotionally, matters and persists far longer than that of material assets …

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