LA’s way…

The BTL band is not normal, nor do we want to be.

During practice this past Friday I described my vision for the next leader of this band. The one leading this thing once I’m gone or riding in the back seat will be the one who leads us in giving. You see, friend, this BTL band is practicing abundance, not talking about it. Our aim is to individually and collectively, give more than we take. Give more. So, it only makes sense the leader will give the most. This is by design. This is LA’s way…

Want a better band, leader? Do more than you demand. Give more than you take. Hands on more than hands out. More Leonidas. Less Xerxes. More Alexander the Great. More George Washington. More Queen Elizabeth. More Abagail Adams. More about those whom you’re privileged to serve – less about becoming better served. More LA’s way. More CORE centered/self controlling. Less self centered/other controlling. God, help me. God, help us all to look up, get up, and never give up.

Lead hard. Love ❤️ harder. LA’s way…

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