Most birds, in fact I’ve been told something like 90%, only sing when the conditions are just right. Most birds sing when they’re safe, satisfied, and secure. We humans are a lot like birds. Most of us only sing when our circumstances are freakin’ magic.

The Lark is not a normal bird. You see, the Lark sings when she flies. She sings when she works. She sings when she’s nesting and when not. The Lark can’t stop singing, you know. Imagine this was your M.O.! Imagine you sang God’s praises not because of how you felt but because of His goodness, mercy, and forgiveness. Imagine a day where you couldn’t help but be grateful for all you’ve been given. Damn.

God, help me turn toward you, bathe in your mercy, walk in your blessings, and chirp like a freakin’ magic meadowlark. God, help me sing. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder…

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