Getting things done…

David Allen, author of the book titled, Getting Things Done, charges his clients $20,000/day to help them clean up messes. You see, he believes the key to getting the right things done is decluttering your environment.

At BTL, we believe your biggest mess is the clutter in your mind. Everyday we see anxiety riddled humans lost in their head. They are trying to work so many lingering problems they can’t think straight. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish in work or life, you aren’t moving the needle if you have more than one creative mess in your mind.

So, friend, why don’t you start with the most common, all consuming mess – a lack of clear identity. Stop delaying, deleting, or delegating the most important work within. Build your CORE. Gain clarity of your deepest held beliefs, identities, principles, passions, purposes, and your process to tighten it all. Your self authored CORE centers you and de clutters de mind. Fact.

Today, one of my clients called to share an attack on her identity. Did. Not. Move. Her. Her strong CORE allowed her to stand while under personal attack. She’s building strong women who stood with her and are learning to stand on their own. She is putting first things first. She is getting things done. The attacks are not going away, friend. Want to get things done in spite of the resistance and sabotage coming your way? You don’t need a Wizard like David. You need to do the work within. What, friend, do you believe?

Live hard. Love harder…

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