Make sense…

Here’s some truth about BTL. We do things that make no cents but make perfect sense, at least to us. Example. This past week I said NO to a great, paying client. I refused to make time for really good work. Why? Because I’m almost 64 years on this planet and I want my remaining energy to multiply not simply be additive. So, I said NO to more money so I could say yes to more meaning. You see, I had earlier agreed to build into another young leader for zero compensation. Can. Not. Do. It. All.

Life is an energy management problem. It’s yours to solve. You cannot do it all. Do what means the most. Do what gives you the most juice, not necessarily the most jack. Do you know why you say yes and no? Are your priorities a reflection of your strong CORE or do you bend to the almighty dinero? Slow down. Reflect. Remember, giving brings many more blessings than taking. Give and take. Give more. You. Will. Be. Blessed. Damn.

Live hard. Love harder. Make sense?

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