A friend…

Back in 1984 I became a father and manager at CompuServe. Had no idea how to do either job. My first hire, was the dude on the left. His name? Doug Loewe. We would work together for twenty and we’ve been friends for almost forty. These two pics were taken by my son,Andrew, in Berlin. Doug held Andrew the same way 35 years ago.

Doug made time to be with my son, Emma Kate, and Baby A. Priceless…

Andrew has been to Doug’s flat in Barcelona as has my son Jordan. Doug and I have shared a few meals with his mom and dad too. You’ll see the latest pic at the bottom of this short rant. The point?

A friend is a beautiful thing. I had no idea what I was doing when I hired Doug. I had no idea when Miss and I brought Jordan into this world that same year. I am still figuring it out, friend. It’s a beautiful mess, you know. It’s only manageable when shared with a few friends. Thanks, Doug, for your friendship over nearly four decades. Looking forward to our next dinner. I think it’s my turn. Will be good to be with a friend. I work with friends. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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