You tend toward inaction.


Admit you suck at forecasting pain – you overestimate it. Embrace acute pain. It will be over before you know it. Preload your pain response. When you tell yourself you don’t have an out, its amazing what you get done. When climbing the French Alps I told myself there was no option to stop on any climb. My mind overruled muscles. I was free to stop or turn around at any point. Nobody was holding a gun to my head.

However, my preloaded commitment kept the pedals turning to every summit. It was a satisfying victory over self. You and I are happiest when we choose to act into fear, when we choose PA, acute pain, and commitment. Commit. Do the work. Face your fears by acting into them. Don’t give yourself an out. En brera, right?

What acute pain would eradicate some of your chronic stuff? Embrace this.

Live hard. Love harder. ACT…

1 thought on “ACT…

  1. Excited for the next test
    Thank you for preparing and arranging our next visit
    Such a treasure to be “with” the guys!
    Could not do it alone

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