Sport resembles life. Is there really ever an “off season” in life? This team you see in the pics above and below, just finished their season. Now, they simply practice. They are on it. The training differs but not the focus. This season prepares them mightily for when they are “in season.”

Whatever season you find yourself in, remember you are “on season.” Be on it. Be all over it. You do not turn it on and off. As Aristotle said so long ago – “You are what you habitually do.” Damn. Excellence requires a long obedience in the same direction, right Nietzsche? Chasing mastery in the art of living requires a commitment to the climb. No coasting when you climb. You. Are. On. It.


Today, I reminded a few friends and clients that they are always on as leaders. Fact. No off season. Always on. The same is true for you, leader. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Want a better team? Become a better leader. Be on it. Always on.

Live hard. Love harder. On…

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