Never settle for just getting paid…

Friday is a no client day normally. Yesterday, however, I held BTL team practice with a client in need. And, I did what I do quite often on my days off – I studied. Yesterday, I finished the book The Legend of Bagger Vance. Was not the first go through but it had been a while – a long while. And, I rewatched the movie too. Yes, I’m getting paid to read novels and watch movies.

I study, learn, and apply.

I watch and rewrite my notes. Go deeper. Find a thousand nuances and then a thousand more. Re read and do likewise. I’m getting paid to do what I love and to do it better tomorrow than today. Master your craft, my friend. Never stop the endless aim for excellence. Never settle for good enough. Never arrive. Never settle for just getting paid. Earn it. Feel it. Kinda like golf, your game (whatever it is) can’t be won, only played. Play it again. Play it better. Play. Don’t worry, friend, you’ll get paid (as long as you Love it).

Live hard. Love harder…

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