Brian came from Chicago to observe BTL team practice at OSU. He’s been a great client for many years and has always wanted to come see BTL playing with sports teams. So, he came.

He did not observe. He led. OSU HC practice kicked it off. WSOC was next. MLAX followed. Grapplers brought it home. Dinner with a handful of OSU coaches put a bow on it. Durp joined us for most of the festivus. Felt like a proud papa watching so many I’ve poured into pour themselves into each other.

This early am, Brian came to the 3PP and worked it on the TRX, pull up bars, and all around the driveway. We’re now at K-dev and then back to OSU for some more team work. He loves team work. You see, Brian, is a sports dude turned business dude. He’s building teams in work and life and he’s becoming quite the man, you know.

Really, he’s just a dude. A good dude. Who friend, are you pouring into? Your life is an offering and a gift. Give of yourself. Give wisely. Pour into fertile soil and give it room to root and grow. Give more than you take. Give more.

Live hard. Love harder. Pour wisely…

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