Tough and tender…

BTL builds leaders. We do this by being catalyst for change. It’s hard. We poke. We agitate. We are not passive aggressive. We are not politically correct. We are not here to make you feel good. We are here to make you do what you can. I’ve been told I’m too much, too direct, too demanding, too this and too that. Like water off the back of a duck…

Does. Not. Phase. Me.

My style is not changing. My aim isn’t either. I’m not here to be popular. I’m not here to please. I’m here to transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders. Freakin’ hard opus and freakin’ magic in the makin’. I will continue to rub many the wrong way. I will continue to be misunderstood. I will continue to be performance aggressive. So, if you happen into a BTL team practice and find me jumping somebody’s stuff, don’t be surprised. I only challenge those I believe in. Last week I challenged a young Captain in front of all her mates. She looked me in the eye, absorbed the truth, and vowed to be better – not bitter. She’s why I’m here (That’s her center screen in the red). She. Is. A. Leader. Two years ago she couldn’t get out of her own way. She’s responded to hard challenge from her coach. She’s come to love the challenge, in fact. Today, she’s leading and not looking back. She is learning the way of performance aggressive.

Every sports team we build wants a tougher team. Every business team we build wants to win more clients, perform more consistently, and attract higher performers. What about you, leader, want a better team? Become a tougher leader. Tough and tender. Set demanding standards. Hold teammates accountable. Speak tough truth every, single, day. Make your team do what they can because you love the work and you love them. “That’s not up to our standard. Do it again.” Nothing passive aggressive about that, huh.

Live hard. Love harder…

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