This is a four letter word in our world today, right? Here’s some simple truth about it.

It. Is. Required. No great life is lived without a commitment to a long obedience in the same direction.

It starts with a step – a baby step. Don’t get overwhelmed with your lack of discipline. Start small. Take the first step. Celebrate the progress. Take another baby step. Momentum is freakin’ magic.

It comes with setbacks. Nobody lives up and to the right. Myth. The best amongst us simply keep getting back on the horse. No hacks. Get back in the saddle for the long climb. Good.

It is the antidote to worry. Damn. Nothing stops your brain from worrying more consistently than knowing you are sticking to disciplines even when it’s hard. Worry, remember, is too much future/too little present. Obedience in this moment frees the mind. Fact.

Where, leader, do you want to build more discipline? Don’t forget the prerequisite step either. It always starts with love. We are obedient in the same direction when the fuel is love. God, help me receive your love. God, help me look to you first. God, help me remember your love has no limits. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder…

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