Oneness is the heart of high performance for any individual, team, or leader. Oneness is not sameness. Oneness is not easy and it’s unsustainable. Oneness must be fought for and oneness requires consciously choosing to lose. Oneness requires love. Oneness energizes obedience, loyalty, discipline, and dedication. Oneness has you finishing each others thoughts, covering each others backs, and turning toward to preserve your partner. Oneness is not interested in CYA (cover your ASS). Oneness sees another as an extension of the whole, it expands ones sense of self. Damn…

This is a bit more of the belief behind the BTL purpose. Our why, just like yours, is rooted in our worldview and our willingness to align just enough with those we call teammates, brothers, friends, and loved ones. Simple, not easy.

Yes, friend, distinct and deeply connected is the hallmark of deep relationship. The problem lies in our distinction, however. The more distinct one becomes, the more likely the disconnects. It is a fine line between the two. Distinct and deeply connected is the ONE you want. Distinct and disconnected is a thin line away. Humility helps us stay connected. What do you believe? Your worldview is the matrix through which you make sense of your world. Isn’t it about time you took yourself and the gift of this life more seriously? We lost an hour last night. Cannot. Get. It. Back. Time is undefeated, you know. You living like it?

Live hard. Love harder…

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