I believe music and movies are meant to move us. Sometimes there are no words, just artful composition. My favorite Berlin artist (Parra for Cuva) just put out a piano track titled This is Life. No words. Moved me.

Sometimes it’s a John Mellencamp lyric from A brand new song, you know. Sometimes the movie is an action/adventure film like The Matrix or Braveheart. Sometimes it’s a dead poet. Sometimes it’s a caddy helping another find his authentic swing. It could even be a U2 documentary From the sky down. The end result is the same – movement.

Music. Movies. Meaning.

Artists touch our souls. The good ones ignite us. The moral ones awaken us. Artists grab our hearts. They move us. They make us feel stuff we’re kinda afraid to feel. God uses artists to awaken, challenge, and transform us. This I believe. You?

Live hard. Love harder. Move…

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