Wasn’t built in a day. Good reminder to my client this past week who is taking on huge challenges in work and life. He’s frustrated by how far he has to go. I reminded him to look back and measure progress. Look ahead with energy toward his aim.

Missed Band practice this week. Read the notes and it seemed the newbies wanted to know more from the old timers about the history of BTL. Lots of good stories shared. Wished I had been able to be there. So, Band, here’s my contribution. In the pic below you see all fourteen blue versions written from 2002 – 2006. Just above you see the current version of the “newly” branded 12 & 8 playbooks from back in 2007. Far right is BBTL published back in 2020.

I don’t see another publication in my future. I do in the Bands. I still have much to learn and will continue writing every, single day. The road to mastery is a long one. Feels like we’re just getting started. BBTL is a lifelong journey best taken day by day. Keep working. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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