Our Own Worst Enemies

Do you lament the lack of engagement in your business? Is there a sense of mistrust in your culture? Got politics, silos and turf wars? Are your customers more interested in beating you down on price than sticking with you? I've just completed a study of  three major analyses of TRUST. Sources: A dozen population … Continue reading Our Own Worst Enemies

The Disengagement Checklist

I came across this video from author and Harvard professor Youngmee Moon on her "Anti-Creativity Checklist" and wanted to share it with our BUILT TO LEAD readers. Then consider whether any or all of Professor Moon's 14 points apply to your or your company's attitudes about creativity and risk taking. Check out the message, and … Continue reading The Disengagement Checklist

Dream & Do TRAPS: Part 4 of 4

This final trap may be the most widespread, and the saddest.    And none are immune.  Thursday I facilitated practice #2 with a non-profit team of heroes who serve neglected youth & single moms in one of our city's most troubled neighborhoods.   Since some weren't at practice #1, we wrote again on "why are you here?"    A quiet one shared she'd had a breakthrough at our first … Continue reading Dream & Do TRAPS: Part 4 of 4

Called, or Installed?

Power and leadership go together like ham and sandwich; separate items, but both integral to an effective outcome. If you do not yet see yourself as a leader because you sit somewhere down the line from the top of the hierarchy, think again. If you are a leader, do you occupy a position of power, or … Continue reading Called, or Installed?

Uno + Pluribus = Unum

These days leading up to our 234th celebration of fried chicken and firecrackers are troubled ones for Americans, to put it mildly. Oil still flows from all the wrong places. Those who govern us govern us more restrictively due, in part, to some of our ungoverned excesses (or maybe it's just "ants" and their ungoverned … Continue reading Uno + Pluribus = Unum

Chet’s Gift

In a 1968 interview, John Lennon was asked to comment about George Harrison's growing mastery as a musician, and the impact that his deepening spirituality might have had on that growth. Lennon offered the following thought: "There's nothing unique or special about George; but what is INSIDE George...now that's incredible." That's the way I feel … Continue reading Chet’s Gift

Practice Virtue

"We believe the world is full of mediocre, transactional teams..." So begins the BUILT TO LEAD message. It's not exactly ready for the mass market. Who wants to hear, much less heed, that they're mediocre? Yet we know it's the truth. Look around. Is the world full of excellent teams? Selfless teamwork? Outstanding service? Legendary innovation? … Continue reading Practice Virtue