Chet’s Gift

In a 1968 interview, John Lennon was asked to comment about George Harrison's growing mastery as a musician, and the impact that his deepening spirituality might have had on that growth. Lennon offered the following thought: "There's nothing unique or special about George; but what is INSIDE that's incredible." That's the way I feel … Continue reading Chet’s Gift


We have outlived the pyramid--the organizational model based on hierarchy and positional power. That structure was useful in an industrial, product-oriented economy when demand outstripped supply for goods and the need for change was limited. That model is really great at providing structure, solidity, and stasis. If you want and need the reassurance that tomorrow … Continue reading Coalesce

To lead IN loyalty, lead WITH it.

I am having so much fun these days. I have the privilege and opportunity to serve Ohio State and The Fisher College of Business by teaching one of the MBA-level courses there this Winter Quarter. The class I am teaching--Services Marketing--makes great use of my former corporate expertise in Managing Services Brands and Loyalty Marketing … Continue reading To lead IN loyalty, lead WITH it.

Clear Purpose. Full Power. Realized Potential.

The hero's journey is deliberate movement along a path towards mastery. It is literally "the road less taken," since so few people summon the courage to slow down long enough to find the answers to life's fundamental questions. Among those questions are: Who am I, really? Why am I here? Where am I going? How … Continue reading Clear Purpose. Full Power. Realized Potential.