The Quest For The Captive Hero

I'm nearly through a book entitled Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Will Change The World. The author, Jane McGonigal, has been designing video games for nearly a quarter century. She is an expert...nearly a how to imbed elements of positive psychology into her virtual worlds that cause electronic … Continue reading The Quest For The Captive Hero

Dream & Do TRAPS: Part 3 of 4

We humans are loss aversive by nature, so for ego survival we defend/deny/destroy.   This is at the heart of the third trap on the Builder’s Journey which Robert McGee calls the ‘BLAME GAME.’   Often it ‘lies’ underneath the missplaced Dream States called Approval Addiction & the Performance Trap The false belief is that you aren’t significant unless you are RIGHT, and that … Continue reading Dream & Do TRAPS: Part 3 of 4

You’d Be a Fool to Learn

Let's start out with a good ol' fashioned cliche: Your attitude + your aptitude = your altitude. This is my "AND" to something Zig Ziglar has always preached. For those of you who don't read much, Zig's a noteworthy sales and business speaker and author. Has been for the last 40 years. He's written about … Continue reading You’d Be a Fool to Learn


We have outlived the pyramid--the organizational model based on hierarchy and positional power. That structure was useful in an industrial, product-oriented economy when demand outstripped supply for goods and the need for change was limited. That model is really great at providing structure, solidity, and stasis. If you want and need the reassurance that tomorrow … Continue reading Coalesce

“Double Listening”

I was talking with Toto (aka Chet) Friday and we were reflecting on a paradox we feel all the time. If, as Jim Sullivan aptly puts it -- "the heart of performance is building TRUST, and the heart of building trust is just LISTENING" -- well, shouldn’t this be EASY?   Most of us have had … Continue reading “Double Listening”