I am fascinated and awed by great team performances. They are so rare in the world of work.


Why are we so rarely “blown away” by our own team or any other team for that matter?

Today we will look at one of the reasons and later in the week another. Both of these examples are “stolen” from history. There is nothing new in this blog. Just some simple but forgotten learnings from the past…from the distant past in fact.

My son Jordan and I recently went to see the movie “300” which tells one of my favorite stories of all time. The story is of the historic stand of the Greeks against mighty Persia in 480 B.C.. This is the story that inspired the American Founders some 2000 years later to take on the worlds number one power, Britian, against similar odds. This is an amazing story of a team with chemistry…the Spartans. The movie does not do it justice.

300 men were called by King Leonidas to stand and die at the “hot gates.” The movie portrays that the 300 were chosen by Leonidas because they all had male offspring to carry on their name. Here’s the rest of the story…

This is taken from Steven Pressfields book “Gates of Fire.” This is my second time reading it. It’s worth a couple more.

“The city speculates and guesses as to why I elected those I did to the Three Hundred, Leonidas resumed. Was it for their prowess as individual men-at-arms? How could this be, when among champions such as Polynikes, Dienekes, Alphaeus and Maron I nominated as well unblooded youths such as Ariston and your own Alexandros? Perhaps, the city supposes, I divined some sublte alchemy of this unique aggregation. Maybe I was bribed, or paying back favors. I will never tell the city why I appointed these three hundred. I will never tell the Three Hundred themselves. But I will tell you.

I chose them not for their own valor, lady, but for that of their WOMEN.”

Great teams at work start with great teams at home?

How’s yours?

As a leader, how well do you know your team?

How can you make it stronger?

What are you waiting for?

Stop wishing your team were stronger. Start getting stronger yourself.

Remember, every leader gets exactly the team he or she DESERVES.

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