Today many leaders seem to have forgotten the power of PRACTICE. They want to win games, they want to get better results, and they want to be surrounded by people that “get it.” They want it ALL now.

They need to PRACTICE.

Great teams get tired together. They practice HARD. They build endurance, strength, comraderie and confidence through their tough practices. They form productive habits that serve them well when the “game is on the line.”

These teams do not play games 24/7. Instead, they PRACTICE.

The Spartans practiced war. They did not just send their team into battle unprepared. The Spartans built toughness, strength, and resilence both physically and mentally. They built a team with strong habits. They spent as much focus on building mental toughness as they did on physical. Here’s another lesson from the “hot gates” and Steven Pressfield. The SPARTAN way, if you will, to strong mental habits. I’m not suggesting you try this one on your team…start by trying to apply this lesson to yourself!!

“The Peers in their messes are encouraged, when they deem it useful for the instruction of youth, to single out one lad, or even another Peer, and abuse him verbally in the most stern and pitiless fashion. This is called arosis, harrowing. It’s purpose, much like the physical beatings, is to inure the senses to insult, to harden the will against responding with rage and fear, the twin unmanning evils of which that state called katalepsis, possesssion, is comprised. The prized response, the one the Peers look for, is HUMOR.

Deflect defamation with a joke, the coarser the better. LAUGH in its face. A MIND which can maintain its lightness will not come undone in war.”

Are you mentally tough?

How are you building this toughness? Explain.

What are your practice habits with your team?

How can you use more humor?

How can you develop a mentally tough team?

How do you respond with the enemy hurls insults, lies, and cheats to get the deal?

How do you respond in the “heat of battle” where you work and live?

How are you getting better together?

Slow down and reflect.

1 thought on “AROSIS…

  1. RocknRoll. Your inspired site held just the quote I needed to re-remember in order to bail a client out of mental cowardice. Many thanks, wise friend. Just googled ‘spartan’ and ‘harrowing’ and yours was the first site. Excellent work.

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