Find YOUR melody line first…

Another great week at BUILT TO LEAD capped off by friday with the Pastors. BTW this has turned into friday with the Pastors, friends, and clients…even better.

We spent our time together going backwards. We covered old ground. We did not discuss anything new. Nobody talked about their latest reads, discoveries, or new insights. We made some real progress. Here’s what we “discovered.”

The real reason we love labels is because they represent “a thousand little nuances” that are so much easier to identify and apply then “finding the melody line.” I know, I know, this is BUILT TO LEAD language. I’ll attempt to briefly translate.

One of the guys mentioned that he’s trying to understand how the discovery of his CORE purposes and the discovery of his strengths is practically applied. Which comes first? Are they related? What if you don’t like some of what you discover? How does understanding your Meyers Briggs relate? How will I know if I’m playing to my strengths and living consistent with my CORE? These are great questions.

Here’s how I responded. I told him to find his melody line first and then to apply a thousand little nuances and then a thousand more. I told him most normal people do just the opposite. Most normal people work on understanding their labels because it is so much easier…in the short term.

They listen to the “voice of the customer” or to the “voice of authority” or to the “voice of their family.”

“These people have become like machines, their sole purpose on making a living. This mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, and die with their song still inside of them. ” Thoreau was right.

You and I need to find our voice first and then apply a thousand little nuances to keep building it ever clearer. Find YOUR melody line first…

How would you answer the questions posed above?

Do you know who you are?

Have you done the hard work to discover and build your CORE?

Whose voice are you singing?

Do you know WHY?

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