Lost indeed…

“It’s personal.” “I don’t think anything in life is absolute.” “No regrets.” “If it’s not hurting an individual, it’s not really wrong.” “It depends on the situation.” “Like if it’s something your boss tells you to do, they want it done that way, that makes it what you should do.” “Nothing really is coming to mind. I haven’t had too many really huge moral dilemmas that I’ve had to navigate through in my lifetime.” These are all quotes from emerging adults (age 18-23) taken from Christian Smith’s book, Lost in Transition. Lost indeed…

Today, as we rinsed away at a few worldviews during practice 22, I reminded a few emerging adults and a few “real” adults, that the breadth of their worldview needs to be matched and even exceeded by the depth of their worldview. Especially when it comes to the big questions in life. The key to turning your worldview into a source of strength for you, lies in your willingness to do your own research and struggle through the bias that has crept in through your limited lens and experiences. Few go down the bunny hole, so to speak.

Slow down and think for yourself. How conscious is your worldview? How strongly does it guide your behavior? How do you repair when your behavior is out of alignment with your belief? Have you authored your own or do you merely parrot the thoughts of another?

“The only thing that consoles us for our miseries is distraction, yet that is the greatest of our wretchednesses. Because that is what mainly prevents us from thinking about ourselves and leads us imperceptibly to damnation. Without it we should be bored, and boredom would force us to search for a firmer way out, but distraction entertains us and leads us imperceptibly to death.”
– Blaise Pascal

Your worldview, remember, is like your transverse abdominis muscles are to your physical core; holding the remainder, tightly together. Assuming, that is, that you’ve built it strongly to do so. Is your figurative CORE a source of strength and capable of holding Y.O.U. together in your moments of truth? Tell me more, my friend. Tell me more…

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